Hi friends! Venice House Pizza has come to the difficult decision to temporarily pause our food service to the community. As more cases of COVID-19 appear in Prince Albert & surrounding area, we believe that businesses are carrying a greater-than-ever responsibility to keep their workers and customers safe. We are officially putting the health of our community before our profits.

So far, we have taken precautionary steps over and above our usual stringent standards of sanitation. Most people are; Still, the number of cases grows. It appears that our efforts ( and yours ) to continue life as usual are not helping to flatten the curve.

Food-service can be dangerous, during a pandemic. We urge our fellow delivery restaurants to join us in our commitment to reduce the spread of coronavirus. We urge our community as a whole recognize the inherent risk of having food brought into your homes. We simply can’t control this virus with half-measures aimed to maintain regular life. Stay home, stop eating food that you don’t prepare for yourself. These precautions will save lives.

This is not a permanent closure. Venice House Pizza will be ready to serve Prince Albert and area again when the curve has flattened and when we can be confident that our actions are in no way contributing to the spread of COVID-19.