Alcohol Delivery in Prince Albert!

That's right! Starting August 14, 2019, Venice House Pizza will be delivering alcohol in Prince Albert.

P.A. is a small town so we suppose this news will travel fast. We expect that there will be questions, and here you can find the answers to the most common questions we receive.

  • What kind of alcohol can be delivered?
  • Venice House Pizza can deliver any kind of alcohol.
  • How much does it cost?
  • The alcohol costs the exact same as it does at a store. We don't sell alcohol- we just deliver it.
    We do charge a delivery fee. Delivery Drivers charge $12 to deliver the alcohol from the store to your house.
  • Does Venice House I.D. Customers?
  • Oh yes.   We I.D. EVERYBODY!
  • When can alcohol be delivered?
  • We are regulated by the Provincial Government. This means that our delivery times are limited by many factors. Within the provincial framework, we have decided to deliver alcohol by the following schedule:

    No Delivery
    No Delivery
    No Delivery
    4pm - 12pm
    4pm - 12pm
    4pm - 2pm
    4pm - 2pm